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Learn & Compare Several Languages Simultaneously

Official Website of Petrunin Mikhail - Author and Polyglot, Including the New Book:
Comparative Grammar of
Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French.



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This is a useful and practical reference book regardless what level you are in those four languages. This is definitely a book that you want to reread after you have mastered your next level.


Montreal, Canada

This book is a good reference for learners of any of the Romance languages to look at occasionally, compare, and confirm what they know. 


Boston, MA, USA

If you have ever been interested in learning several Romance languages at the same time, this is the ideal book for you. It is easily understandable and very exciting to read. 

ANDREAS ERWIG, Cologne, Germany

In The Press


Hi, I am Mikhail Petrunin. 

Studying foreign languages has always been my biggest passion. My passion turned me into a polyglot who speaks 7 languages and whose goal is to know 25 languages. 

I began studying the Romance languages in 2007. When I first started to learn the French language and literature at the Department of Romance and Germanic languages of Derzhavin Tambov State University I found myself totally captivated by Latin-based languages.

In my second year, I took additional classes of Spanish and started learning Italian and Portuguese by myself. While studying these four languages, I gradually realized how incredibly similar Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French are and how amazing it would be to have a special course which would enable students to learn them at the same time in order to get a certain level of knowledge of the four major Romance languages.

After graduation, I took a postgraduate course in the methodology of foreign languages teaching. My PhD dissertation was dedicated to the teaching of Romance languages in comparison. In 2013, I defended my PhD thesis at Moscow State University of Humanities named after M.A. Sholokhov and, at the same time, my career as a university teacher began. 

In 2015 I started to search for a book that would teach Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French simultaneously but, to my surprise and regret, a book like that had never been written. So I decided to write a Comparative Grammar of Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French to use it in my own future courses. 

It took me 3 years to finish the book. It consists of over 700 pages, 10 chapters covering all the grammatical aspects of these 4 languages. The book is written for readers like you who are fond of or would like to learn Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French simultaneously or just to get an all-round knowledge of all these four Romance languages. 

In 2017 I moved to Canada as a permanent resident. In 2018 I was enrolled in the MA Linguistics at the Université du Québec à Montréal. 

Now I continue researching and developing methods of learning and teaching multiple languages simultaneously. I am currently working on my second book, which is a Comparative Grammar of Italian and French (with exercises). Also, I plan to write Comparative grammars of Germanic, Slavic and Turkic languages.

I hope my first book - Comparative Grammar of Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French will help you improve your languages and become multilingual. 

News and Events

Current Projects

1) Comparative Grammar of German, Dutch, and Afrikaans

2) Comparative Grammar of Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Italian and French

The books will be released in 2023-2024



I am going to share weekly work-in-progress updates and exclusive content with my members on Exclusive content will feature pages and chapters of my not-yet-published comparative grammar books:


1) Comparative Grammar of German, Dutch, and Afrikaans.


2) Comparative Grammar of Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Italian and French. 


3) Comparative Grammar of Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French (Updated and Revised Edition)


4) La versión castellana de la Gramática Comparativa del Castellano, del Portugués, del Italiano y del Francés

Thank you for joining my Patreon membership and your interest in my work!

My books will help you learn and compare several Germanic and Romance languages and become polyglots 📚🤓 

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